Why You’re Not Attracting Users to Your Pilot

Writing the Proposal in the Me, Me, Me-Centered Communication.

Credit: Tenor

Persuasion isn’t a bad thing; manipulation is.

If you are hosting a pilot or event to gather insights on your product or service, be honest in the expectations. Will there be compensation? What are the actual time commitments individuals are looking at? And what are you looking for in this event?

Not letting your customers lead the journey will take you off the beaten path.

Users, and specifically early adopters, can lead the charge in not only the development of your product but also sales once the pilot has ended. Whenever I see businesses host a pilot — especially D2C — and not keep in touch or update their participants, I want to tear my hair out.

Having no plan is planning to fail.

Now, as a founder, you will be having a plan from a product management side of things for this soft launch.

  • When will we push out a case study/the results?
  • How can I leverage communication to showcase success, testimonials, or quality content?

Now, take a look at that pilot proposal and communication plan again.

Pilots are about working out the kinks in your business and gaining that initial validation from an outside source. But how you communicate them can truly make or break the product before it ever hits the hands of the customers.



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Kaitlin Fritz

Kaitlin Fritz


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