There’s still good in the (startup) world

Kaitlin Fritz
4 min readFeb 25, 2022

In times of such uncertainty and tension, it is important for us, as entrepreneurs, innovators, and supporters of the ecosystem, to still have hope for change— especially in our youth. Founders across the world are brave enough to conquer problems from novel ecological, social, and technical angles.

I wanted to introduce you to a few:


The female powerhouse duo, who met at Parsons, created a social impact business nicknamed “The Robin Hood of agriculture.” Through their mushroom agriculture bags, they are propelling Sub-Saharan African women by tackling both the issues of food waste and employability.

Read why some call it the blockchain of farming

Green Gold

This Palestinian team is becoming a champion in the recyclable packaging and green waste. Utilizing the waste of olives, this trio has designed a rival to cardboard packaging. Passionate about their mission, the team is driven to recreate packaging without cutting down a single tree.

Check out their social media


This Latin American team uses technology and logistic planning to connect farmers and consumers for the most sustainable farming practices. They cut down the distribution channel, the farm’s carbon footprint , and consumer waste. What is not to love?

Visit their website to see their continued recognition and work


The trio of Paraguayans are unstoppable in their pursuit of taking one of the most disregarded fruits in their home country into a staple for drinks and food products. With their unique collection, processing, and selling, their team implements an elegant simplicity in their solution that is both delicious for consumers and the environment.

See their progress here

Propel Foods

Formerly ‘El Diablo’ in the Hult Prize Competition, this Mexican team started changing food waste by transforming a one disregarded fish into a healthy centerpiece on the plate and in public’s perspective. Using branding, recipes, and the latest in animal and plant-based products, this team is leveraging low cost solutions and alternative proteins.

Be sure to visit their Linkedin page


This California team, which also consists of a pair of vivacious brothers, are changing not only the mental health space with their alternative dairy drink but also the environmental effects from milk. Their CBD infused drink promotes relaxation for anxious students and young adults.

Order (if you’re in Cali) and “Zenhance your Life”


Combatting single use plastics, this international team is turning wasted cassava into high quality cutlery. With certification and recognition for their green solution from bodies like USDA, these compostable solutions will shake up disposable plastic silverware.

Hear their story on their website

I have been lucky enough to work with many of these companies as an Expert in Residence in the 2021 Hult Prize Global Accelerator. The next generation and those students and recent graduates worldwide are ambitious enough to tackle these issues, regardless of adversity or geography.

Now, in the midst of these global tensions, please support your local businesses, promote your regional startups, and most importantly, be kind to those you meet.

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