Startup Confessionals: The Search for the Cofounder

“Where do I find a cofounder?”

Now, as someone who has cofounded my own startup, I stood in their shoes only years earlier facing the similar phantoms of stress and uncertainty. But, I also had an incredible rock of a cofounder by my side.

Have a think about what you are looking for.

No one wants to date themselves…so you wouldn’t want two of you on the same team would you? My argument there is that then there is one too many!

Share that you are looking.

Sometimes I see solo founders sitting quietly hoping that a cofounder will come along. Often times, sadly there is no yellow brick road to the dream team.

Best friends don’t always make best business partners.

This is the biggest mistake I see in the university acceleration ecosystem. You have a great friend, and you get along swimmingly. But, their business habits and attitude do not match yours.

Give yourself time and space to see if there is a connection and aligned motivation.

Like any relationship, these things take time.

You cannot force a cofounder relationship.

Often times, founding a team happens organically. There needs to be this constellation of factors from personal circumstances, timing, and talent to take place. I know this is annoying as I wish there was a fast-forward button as well, but trust the process.



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Kaitlin Fritz

Kaitlin Fritz

Forbes 30U30 Entrepreneur | Enterprise Educator | Supported 400 founders in UK and Abroad | Podcaster | And believer in strong coffee, no code, and kindness.