Startup Confessionals: Perfect Candidate on Paper?

They were the perfect candidate on paper. But, now that we are working together, it just doesn’t seem to work. What do I do?

So, what’s going on?

It’s not you, it’s them.

Just like the dating cliché, it can be true!

“Perfect” on paper does not equate to perfect in business.

Much like working styles, being part of an early-stage startup is culturally different: you are now part of a lean entrepreneurial team. Startups sometimes require a different working pattern which is more agile and amorphous than a traditional corporate role.

Maybe it is you.

Don’t scoff or get insulted. Leadership is a muscle that needs to be learned and practiced.

  • Have you created expectations and objectives as well as have open conversations on personal working styles, culture, and mission of the company?

Learn and refine what you are looking for.

Teams truly make the startup, especially in the beginning. What you thought was important on the job spec may not be the number one criteria you are looking for after all. Reflect and learn from this experience. There are many skills that you can train or learn, but personalities and motivation are harder to instill.



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Kaitlin Fritz

Kaitlin Fritz

Forbes 30U30 Entrepreneur | Enterprise Educator | Supported 400 founders in UK and Abroad | Podcaster | And believer in strong coffee, no code, and kindness.