Democracy as a Keystone in Business

In the midst of these brazen attacks on democracy in Ukraine, it is strange to think about business and startups in the midst this conflict. My mind has been boggled with how this has happened in 2022, and this melancholy has enveloped the globe.

Growing up, this country was an outline on the map, but now it is much personal.

In my first cofounded company, our entire tech team was basically based in Ukraine. Their families and children would make appearances on our zoom calls.

My cofounder was a powerful and driven Ukrainian woman.

As an American, I was able to see another culture with such admiration and understanding, working by their sides. Though I only learned a few words of Russian, I was exposed to this hotbed of talent, even being based in the UK, and I appreciate that experience more now than ever.

Ukraine has so much passion, talent, expertise, and as the world has seen determination.

Now is the time to support this country in their fight. Whether it is making charitable donations, buying from Ukranian businesses, supporting Ukrainian employees, family, or friends, or saying additional prayers at night, we have a duty.

For the next generation of business to succeed, we need freedom as a bedrock and democracy as its keystone.

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Kaitlin Fritz

Kaitlin Fritz

Forbes 30U30 Entrepreneur | Enterprise Educator | Supported 400 founders in UK and Abroad | Podcaster | And believer in strong coffee, no code, and kindness.