5 Ways to Nail Your Team Pitch

Write the dang thing out.

When you are working as a team, you are as strong as your weakest part. I love seeing teams pitch because it shows a strength and an interpersonal dynamic that cannot be captured the same way in something like the team slide.

The 2022 Hult Prize Finalists (Pic from Hult Prize Twitter)

Practice your portion and nail it.

Shocker, I know.

Be agile because the clock isn’t.

Most times during competitions, you are faced with a big clock counting down the time you have left. And, that is why you have practiced — and timed — your section as stated above.

Review with forward time and countdown time.

One of the most annoying things I faced in a pitch was when the clock counted in a different way than I practiced. It was like, if wait I speak for 37 seconds, what does that mean when the clock starts at 5:00 minutes?

Cred: Pexels

Know who is going to answer what questions.

This is key both in competitions as well as investor pitches. Individuals talking over each other dilutes your overall message, so in advance, know who will answer questions about respective fields like marketing, validation, IP, pricing, etc.

And remember to have fun.

Like any sport, in pitching, you win and lose as team. If someone messes up, brush it off and learn from it. No one person will win or lose your investment or competition.



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Kaitlin Fritz

Kaitlin Fritz


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